Florida Linebacker Dee Finley Arrested Following Scooter-Related Incident on Campus

Dee Finley, a sophomore linebacker (that’s him with his arms crossed) on the Florida Gators, was riding around campus on a scooter when an officer pulled him over. Let’s dive right into the latest hurdle for UF coach Will Muschamp, shall we? According to the Independent Alligator:

Officer William Sasser pulled Finley over at 1:49 p.m. after Finley drove his scooter around a barricade on Stadium Road. Sasser asked for his license and registration, but Finley told the officer he was late and did not want to give him the information, according to the arrest report.

When Sasser told Finley he could not leave, Finley started his scooter and tried to take off, but Sasser grabbed his left wrist. Finley then snatched his hand away and “squared” to Sasser while still straddling his scooter, according to the report.

Then the officer whipped out his taser and Finley backed down. It turns out Finley’s license is suspended in Alabama and Florida. According to the Palm Beach Post, Finley is the 6th Gator to be arrested in 2011.

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