Stephen Strasburg Dressed Up as Papa Smurf

Stephen Strasburg Dressed Up as Papa Smurf


Stephen Strasburg Dressed Up as Papa Smurf

Members of the Washington Nationals recently had some fun at the expense of fellow teammates during an initiation in which the rookies were forced to dress up as Smurfs and merrily Smurf their way to the player’s parking lot. Stephen Strasburg was awarded Papa Smurf’s striking getup, perhaps because he’s not truly a rookie this year but more likely because he is in fact, Stephen Strasburg. Standing in as a highly unpleasant looking Smurfette is catcher Wil Ramos, who makes for a fine example of what the offspring of Amy Winehouse and a randy Smurf might look like.

The masterful Smurfs theme song* apparently blared throughout the locker room on a continuous loop while the players Smurfed it up, which must have made for one hell of a scene. Jayson Werth was said to be one of the ring leaders, so offer up a tip of the cap and a yank of the goatee, especially since the well-orchestrated hazing may prove to be his only valuable contribution to the 2011 season.

*I’ve always felt the jovial jingle that is the Smurfs theme song was the tune that often played inside the head of Manny Ramirez.

[via Sports Bog, Nats Blog]

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