Former MLB Pitcher Curtis Leskanic Found Passed Out At The Wheel With A .333 BAC

Former Major League pitcher Curtis John Leskanic was arrested in Altamonte Springs, Florida this weekend. The charges are driving under the influence and child neglect without harm. Leskanic was found passed out at the wheel of his truck at a green light, with his daughter asleep next to him, unrestrained. Via the Orlando Sentinel:

Police received a call about 7:30 p.m. Sunday about a pickup truck “swerving all over the road” with information that the driver’s daughter was in the vehicle.

As an officer drove east on State Road 434 toward Ronald Regan Boulevard, he noticed a truck stopped in the roadway, even through the traffic light at the intersection was green.

Leskanic was understandably upset.

In the trip from the jail to South Seminole Hospital and back, Leskanic was swearing and exhibiting hostile behavior.

I can’t even comprehend how drunk this guy must have been. And during the day. With his child in the car. Leskanic last played with the 2004 Red Sox.

[Orlando Sentinel, Getty, h/t: Barry]

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