Roundup: From Homeless Volunteer to NFL Broadcaster, the Evolution of Jeopardy & Video of MLB's Longest Home Run of 2011

Christina Hendricks … here’s a slideshow of Erin Andrews offering workout tips … an eel entered this man’s bladder through his penis … arbitrary US News & World report college rankings, anyone? … “Austerity boosts unemployment, lowers paychecks ” … over 46 million people are living in povertytwitter is suing over the word ‘tweet’ … the world has done a great job fighting malaria … a WTF tattoo, indeed … Michelle Bachmann said something irresponsible again … Detroit loyalty … she got five years in jail for that McDonald’s attack

Depressing read about a woman being racially profiled on a 9-11-11 flight. [Stories From the Heartland]

Scott Hanson, the host of Red Zone, sounds like good people. [USA Today]

Should Maryland have named its court after Lefty Driesell and not Gary Williams? [CBS Sports]

“Notre Dame football, the second-winningest program in FBS history [is] languishing on the shoulder of college football’s version of I-94 trying to fix a blown engine with duct tape and perky bursts of optimism.” [South Bend Trib]

You’ll be hearing plenty about this story today: ” … successfully separated a rare set of conjoined twins that were born connected at the pelvis and lower spine …” [Knox News]

I enjoyed this read on the evolution of Jeopardy. [GQ]

Denver fans were booing Kyle Orton during the season-opening loss to the Raiders. [Post]

LeBron randomly played flag football recently with young men and women in New York. [NYC Social Sports Club]

Baseball is getting more and more popular in Europe. [ESPN]

How bad are the Chiefs? How good can the Bills be? [Fifth Down]

Benny Sapp, the Miami corner who was torched by Wes Welker on the 99-yard TD pass, has been cut. [Herald]

Finally saw the Entourage series finale. Here’s how it ended, for those of you without HBO.

A bus tried to beat the train in Argentina … and 11 people died.

Juan Francisco hit the season’s longest home run of the season – 502 feet. It cleared the stadium.

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