Thursday Night Football: LSU vs. Mississippi State, With a Special Appearance By The Love Boat Captain.

Here’s Dan Mullen chest-bumping with Fred Smoot at the Bulldog’s Cowbell Yell. File chest-bump under things white people can’t look smooth doing. Fred Smoot, your go-to emcee for every lively engagement.

Media Stories: Dan Mullen has changed the culture of Starkville, both for the team and the town itself. Unlike your generic, pansy football game, this will be a physical one.

The Past: LSU has won 11 in a row and 18 of the last 19. Most notable was the Tigers’ 45-0 Starkville curb-stomping, en route (eventually) to the 2007 BCS Title. Mullen lost 30-26 at home in ’09 and 29-7 in Baton Rouge last year.

The Matchup: Mississippi State has an okay defense. LSU has an okay offense. The incendiary clash will be on the other side of the ball, with Mississippi State’s powerful run game led by Relf and Ballard against LSU’s ridiculous defense. Miss State should have their hands full, especially with LSU’s defensive line. The key will be Mississippi State executing to cut off LSU’s speciality, creating easy points on defense and special teams. Had the Ducks secured the football, the Oregon outcome could have been different.

Things to Consider: Mississippi State is playing its first home game. Night game in the SEC. The players will be jacked up. Starkvegas will be glittering. The crowd and the cowbells should be insane. Both teams have the short week, but the Bulldogs are coming off consecutive road trips and a brutal test against Auburn. LSU had a glorified practice against Northwestern State. LSU has an absurd amount of talent. They did last year, when they needed craziness to gut out some wins. They did before the season, when most projected BCS disappointment.

Prediction: Mississippi State will be slightly underrated (haven’t played at home yet). LSU will be slightly overrated after the Oregon game. Love ranked home underdogs in the SEC. I’ll say Mississippi State in a close one 24-21. You know what they say about programs with huge scoreboards.

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