Rugby Player Mike Tindall Caught With Face In Chest Of A Woman At A Dwarf-Throwing Competition

Six weeks ago a rugby player married a princess. The Rugby player was Mike Tindall, the captain of the English team. The Princess was Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of the Queen of England. Tindall is in New Zealand with his team and CCTV cameras caught him celebrating a little too liberally with a fan after a win.

Scores of women made a beeline for the strapping lads as they relaxed by watching a light-hearted dwarf-throwing competition.

And when the fair-haired beauty flung herself at him, Tindall found himself unable to resist.

He was seen kissing and groping the girl, who also rubbed his face into her breasts after downing a string of shots at the bar on Sunday.

A dwarf-throwing competition. I obviously feel bad for the embarrassed Princess, but a dwarf-throwing competition? Can you imagine the bachelor party this guy must have had?

[The Sun, Getty]

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