Tommy Morrison is Aging in Different Person Years

Remember the guy who pushed Rocky Balboa to the point he had no choice but to hilariously grunt, “my ring’s outside”? I thought I did too until I saw the mugshot pictured at right of a man who’s said to be, by all accounts, Tommy Morrison, former heavyweight boxing champion and acting inspiration to us all. Yes, that’s Tommy Morrison.

The former boxer is currently being held in a Kansas jail cell on drug charges, specifically possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. If you’re feeling generous, bail has been set at $50,000.

But the real question is… holy crap what the hell happened to Tommy Morrison? If you took a poll asking people if this was Macho Man’s dad or former boxer Tommy Morrison, I’m confident it would be a Randy Savage sweep.

If you’ve ever considered doing drugs, bookmark this post and return to it as often as you need to.



[via @KevinDeShazo, Tulsa World]

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