All Things Considered, Victor Ortiz Had A Pretty Good Night

Last night Victor Ortiz got knocked out in one of the biggest boxing matches of the year. When you say it like that, it doesn’t sound like a very good night. Then you hear the story of the knockout – Ortiz was holding his own for 4 rounds, attempted an illegal headbutt, engaged in unrequited hugging and getting hit while he and the referee weren’t ready – Ortiz becomes much more sympathetic. (Minus the stupid headbutt. What the hell was that? Keep your head, son.)

By the time Ortiz shook the cobwebs he got to do an interview with Larry Merchant after Mayweather picked a fight with an 80-year-old man and stormed out of the ring. By then the smile had already returned to Ortiz’s face – and with good reason.

In the end, Ortiz pocketed $2.5 million for about twenty minutes work. That mindless headbutt? No one will talk about that after the way Mayweather finished the fight and got into it with Merchant. Hell, Mayweather even offered Ortiz a rematch in his post-fight interview. Even if Mayweather – Ortiz II doesn’t take place, last night put him in a position for more big paydays. Plus, he’s got his girlfriend, Alexia Garland. As you can see from the picture at his after party, he was able to cope with his first loss in two years.

Related: The girl on the right is Floyd Mayweather’s finacee, Shantel Jackson. With Money taking home $25 million for last night’s performance, maybe she can now afford the shirt that goes with that jacket.

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