Rex Ryan Left R-Rated Messages On His Brother's Phone After The Cowboys Out-Choked The Jets

Remember when Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez embarked on the ultimate battle of football greatness? Tony Romo made the last mistake of the game, allowing the Jets to win on a late field goal. Since two loud-mouthed brothers were prominently involved in that game, one of them had to get bragging rights. This time, it was Rex Ryan. Believe it or not, Rex was kind of a dick about the whole thing. From the Dallas Morning News:

“Yeah, he left some really unflattering messages, but it’s to be expected,” Rob Ryan said. “It’s coming back to him one of these days.

“There is no compassion there at all. No.”

Can the Cowboys defensive coordinator give the PG version of his brother’s messages?

“There was no PG thing about them,” Rob Ryan said. “I think it was R or worse.”

I won’t try to imagine what was said, but I’m guessing it wasn’t very nice.

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