Mike Tyson Stole The Show At The Charlie Sheen Roast

Warning: The following videos contain NSFW language. You seriously may want to reconsider watching either. You’ve been warned.

The Roast of Charlie Sheen aired on Comedy Central last night and Mike Tyson was one of the non-comedians on the dais. Tyson’s roast was a little hard to understand and obviously wasn’t written by the former heavyweight champion, but dammit if he didn’t give it his all. More importantly, he sat there and laughed like a maniac every time another roaster took a shot at him. No one looked like they were having more fun than Mike Tyson and honestly, he was a joy to watch spazz out as insult after insult was hurled his way. On Monday’s Adam Carolla show, Jeff Ross told Carolla that the one off-limits topic with Tyson was rape. *tugs collar* We all have our limits.

Amy Schumer lit up Tyson and the rest of the dais in one of the stronger sets last night. Speaking of limits, wen she eventually turned her attention to Steve-O, she created a minor controversy by bringing up Ryan Dunn. Hey, someone was going to do it. Ross also told Carolla that Steve-O had a joke that got cut from the show about a Great White concert so maybe people should just move on from this nontroversy.

If you want to feel bad for Steve-O, feel bad that as the credits rolled, he took a run at Mike Tyson’s fist and walked away bleeding with a broken nose. He’s still got it.

Because you want to see it first!

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