Oklahoma Would Need Dan Beebe to Resign To Stay in Big 12

Everyone puts Beebe in a corner, and that may be the root of the problem. Oklahoma’s move to the Pac 12 has not yet been certified. There are conditions under which the Sooners (and their underlings across the state) would stay. The impossible one? Getting Texas and ESPN to scale back the Longhorn Network. The incredibly telling one? Removing Dan Beebe as Big 12 commissioner.

From the Oklahoman:

“It’s going to take major, major reforms” for OU, and thus Oklahoma State, to consider remaining in the Big 12, the source said. “We’d have to have an interim commissioner.”

The source said the league presidents do not believe Beebe responded with adequate leadership to Nebraska’s and Texas A&M’s frustration. The Big 12 has lost three members in the last 15 months, and “the relationships were so bad (with) the commissioner,” the source said.

Does Beebe resign? Does it even matter at this point? Personally, I’m rooting for the Big 12 to stay together, but I’m the type amused by ineptitude, schadenfreude and farces. It’s not often a five-alarm fiasco completely destabilizes a multi-billion dollar industry and the most sympathetic figure is Kenneth Starr. Enjoy it while it lasts, which won’t be long.

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