The Roundup: Stanford's Big Loss, Kershaw as Koufax & Video From Charlie Sheen's Roast

Kendra Wilkinson … these men were caught with 260 baby alligators … “Redheads rejected by sperm banks” … internet memes are a big deal, folks … you’re the hear the word ‘vagina’ on TV a lot this Fall … RIP the creator of Ziggy … this guy has had 50 children with four women … poor Netflix … the media lives on twitter, but do non-media types? … Charlie Sheen’s settlement with Warner Bros was a pretty nice haul … what can the President do about poverty among young Americans … everyone’s on board with this Obama move, right? … is there really a market for shows like extreme fishing? …

Shane Skov, Stanford’s best defensive player, is out for the year with a knee injury. [SF Gate]

The Big East won’t let Syracuse and Pittsburgh leave for the ACC until June 2014. [NYT]

A college football union? This sounds like a terrific idea. [The Postgame]

Deep thoughts, with Mark Cuban: “Bust your ass and get rich.” [Blog Maverick]

The Green Bay defense, already one of the worst in the league, just lost safety Nick Collins for the year. [JS Online]

Clayton Kershaw is the next Sandy Koufax. [LA Times]

Come on, admit it – you care what is going on with the Toronto Raptors’ front office. [Woj]

Nate Burleson to the NFL Network: “I’m going to try and be the Black Wes Welker.” [PFT]

Way to stick it to the Times, Mark Heisler. [LA Observed]

Notre Dame should jump to the ACC? Huh? [Yahoo]

But, uh, isn’t Vick in more danger when he’s on the run? [Fox Sports]

Because we needed one more Friday Night reference. I sure hope it isn’t the last. [via Hot Clicks]

Because the Magnum PI theme song doesn’t get enough run. [via Uproxx]

Funny: How ratings work.

Didn’t watch a second of the Charlie Sheen roast because I don’t care about Charlie Sheen.

Because you want to see it first!

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