Interview: Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks The Ultimate Fighter and His Return To The UFC

Interview: Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks The Ultimate Fighter and His Return To The UFC


Interview: Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks The Ultimate Fighter and His Return To The UFC

The 14th season of The Ultimate Fighter kicks off tonight and it features the UFC’s newest weight classes – featherweight (135 pounds) and bantamweight (145 pounds). The premiere is a special 2-hour episode that shows all 16 preliminary fights to get into the TUF house. It’s the final season of TUF on SpikeTV (9pm) and they seem to have saved the best for last. I’ve seen the episode and can vouch for it’s awesomeness. I think there is one decision out of 16 fights and there are some of the best knockouts in TUF history. I’m not kidding.

One of the coaches this season is Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Mayhem is one of the most recognizable American mixed martial artists in the world. What’s most impressive about that is that he became one of the most recognizable fighters in the world despite fighting just once in the UFC and that was over 6 years ago. He’s fought all over the world, has his own television show on MTV and now he’s back in the UFC as one of the coaches on Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter.

While the season promises to have some great fights between the little guys, the Finale will feature coaches Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping. Miller took a few moments out of his busy schedule to promote the show and say things that people on a press tour don’t normally say. Then again, if you’re familiar with Mayhem’s work, you know he doesn’t really do “normal.”

SD: What was the process of coming into the UFC and ending up one of the Ultimate Fighter coaches?

Mayhem: They called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to do it and I said, “Hell yes I want to do it.” So they said let’s do it and we did it. And it was done.

SD: How did this season go?

Mayhem: What an excellent question. I’m glad you asked that. It – went – awesome. It was gangbusters. It was the best thing I’d ever seen. I actually don’t even believe that I’m on it. It didn’t make me feel like a real person. I felt like a subatomic particle flying through space and floating up Joe Rogan’s nose into his brain and coming out and landing on Arianny’s boob.

SD: So overall, it was a positive experience for you.

Mayhem: Yeeeaaaaah….

SD: What was it like being a coach?

Mayhem: I have a lot of coaching experience. When you’re a fighter and you’re not getting ready for a fight you’re always coaching. It’s kind of a  – you don’t do mixed martial arts unless you love it. And I love it. I spread the gospel of mixed martial arts. For me it was a dream come true to have those big cameras on me and to do a job that I love doing.

SD: In the first episode you and Bisping start to get into it when you start pushing each others buttons..l

Mayhem: Wait, wait, wait. Who’s pushing whose buttons in that first episode? I’m pushing his buttons. I just wanted to get a little reaction out of him and he did exactly what I thought he did. He flipped out.

SD: Did you guys get to interact a lot on the show?

Mayhem: When he was there, yeah, we interacted.

SD: So did you guys get along?

Mayhem: Yeah, yeah we’re best friends. It was all butterflies and kittens on the set of The Ultimate Fighter.

SD: Are you very excited to fight him?

Mahem: Am I very excited to fight him… Is this for a written interview?

SD: Yes.

Mayhem: Alright, do you have a sarcasm font?

SD: Yes.

Mayhem: *sarcasm font* I’m not very excited at all about fighting Michael Bisping. */sarcasm font*

SD: How do you see the fight going?

Mayhem: I see it going as a great ballet. Maybe a Tchaikovsky. More like a swan just being smashed into oblivion by a redneck with a billy club.

SD: You’ve been basically sitting on the shelf for over a year. Are you excited just to be fighting again?

Mayhem: Yeah, yeah, but you know I love training so I’ve been in there the entire time. I can’t wait to unveil my new skills for a brand audience.

SD: What are your brand new skills?

Mayhem: I’ve got nunchuck skills. I got karate skills. I got knot-tying skills. And I’ve got face-smashing skills.

SD: Have you been following the current Nick Diaz saga? (He didn’t specify that the sarcasm font be used for the next couple answers, but his tone indicated it should be.)

Mayhem: No.

SD: Are you at all disappointed that you never got to fight him in Strikeforce?

Mayhem: No.

SD: So then you don’t hope to fight him someday and you’ve moved past it?

Mayhem: Yes.

SD: Alright.. You’ve has some pretty interesting entrances in your career. Do you have anything planned for your UFC debut?

Mayhem: Yes.

SD: Care to give an insight into that?

Mayhem: No. You should know that I’m tight-lipped about that. I never tell anyone about my entrances. Just know that it will be fun.

SD: Do you think it would be good for the UFC if more people had creative entrances?

Mayhem: Maybe. I mean, that’s a tough question. Not everybody wants to do something creative. It would be better for the UFC if they made a classy way to give the reveal of a fighter. Maybe I’m too heavily influenced by the Japanese mixed martial arts. Not everybody is going to come up with a creative thing like I do – and that’s fine. I think that I’m pretty weird for doing that. At the same time, my opinion is that in mixed martial arts we can do something to make the fighters look larger than life. At this point in my career I have very little say in the production. So I just do what I can to make it exciting for the fans.

SD: You’ve had Bully Beatdown and now The Ultimate Fighter so what’s your next television project?

Mayhem: I have another television project that I’m thinking about, but nothing on the radar that I can talk about.

SD: What do you see yourself doing when your fighting career is over?

Mayhem: Probably a lot of the same stuff that I’m doing today. Entertaining the masses with whatever I can. With my witty banter.

SD: So if you’d never become a fighter, do you think you still would have been an entertainer?

Mayhem: Who knows wherever my life would have traveled if I hadn’t in my backyard in 1996 decided to start doing this. You know… if my aunt had balls, she’s be my uncle.

SD: Finally, anything fans should be looking for on this season of The Ultimate Fighter?

Mayhem: Man, if you don’t watch it, there’s something wrong with you. If you do watch it, well, there’s also something wrong with you. You should just watch the show. Not because I told you too, but because Dana White is making you. He says that they are the most exciting elimination fights you’ve ever seen. Those are his words and he would know.

Here are the first 8 minutes of tonight’s episode.

The Ultimate Fighter season 14 premiere is tonight at 9pm Eastern on SpikTV. You can follow Mayhem on Twitter: @MayhemMiller.

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