Morgantown is Making Everyone Take Couches Off Their Porches Prior to the West Virginia-LSU Game

Unbeaten LSU visits unbeaten West Virginia Saturday night in college football’s marquee matchup of the weekend. (Sorry, but Alabama should handle Arkansas in Tuscaloosa, and the Cowboys and Aggies will be a fun, exciting shootout, but it’ll have zero bearing on the National Title picture.)

As everyone knows, West Virginia fans have an impressive history of lighting things on fire – win or lose – and city officials are taking preemptive steps so that Morgantown doesn’t burn this weekend.

City officials will remove furniture and other flammable items from porches and lawns this week in an effort to combat celebratory fires following the nationally televised football game this weekend.

The abatement effort, which covers much of downtown Morgantown and will be effective Thursday through Monday, requires that residents remove any furniture, construction materials, debris and other combustible materials from porches, balconies or lawns.

West Virginia, ya’ll.

A few words bloggers will be searching for on YouTube Friday, Saturday and Sunday: fire, morgantown, West Virginia, burn, Mountaineers, LSU. I love this concession from the fire chief:

“We know we’re going to have fires, but they aren’t going to be as bad,” said Fire Department Chief Mark Caravasos.

Perhaps a WVU grad can help me out here. Why fire?

Because you want to see it first!

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