Roundup: Moneyball, a Collection of Ozzie Guillen Quotes, & Lack of Hot Sauce Results in a Shotgun Confrontation at Taco Bell

Poppy Montgomery … afro checked for weapons … more naked dudes than usual in San Francisco this weekend … Bradly Cooper and ScarJo? …  best prostitution bust in Florida history involves a possum … dog found remains of nursing student … Buffalo’s Heidi moment … your daily Kate Uptonrichest people in America … a featherless penguin … a grenade isn’t the best way to save the relationship … rescued baby squirrels are cute … not enough hot sauce leads to shotgun confrontation at Taco Bell

Some of Ozzie Guillen’s best quotes. [Esquire]

“Man wins dumpling eating contest, then dies.” [Yahoo!]

The Yankees made the playoffs. And TBL thought we’d be without a small market underdog this postseason! [USA Today]

The 1985 Bears will visit the White house. [PFT]

Flashback: 2011 Red Sox will challenge 1927 Yankees. [NESN]

It’s been an emotional summer for Marian Hossa. [Sun-Times]

A Scarface remake doesn’t seem right. [Deadline Hollywood]

7 shows that peaked in season 1. I can’t argue with any of them. At least of the shows I’ve seen. [Unreality]

Nobody at Kansas liked Kris Humphries. [KU Sports]

Miss Teen South Carolina is funny now. With a NASCAR driver. [3WL]

Paul DePodesta is accurately portrayed in Moneyball. [LA Times]

The WBC is on Floyd Mayweather’s side. [Bad Left Hook]

Now that you mention it, McNabb does look like he might be in decline. [Yahoo]

Manny Ramirez can’t play in the Dominican League because of his MLB steroid suspension. [ESPN]

The real Crash Davis. [Grantland]

Jedi Kittens

Starbucks Rant Song.

Yup. North Korean Party Rock Anthem is still the best thing ever.

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