The Blue Jays' Logo Has Returned to Glory

The Toronto Blue Jays made the unfortunate decision to ditch their wonderful logo back in 1997 and, for reasons that remain unknown, set out on a mission to make their logo and color scheme progressively worse with each lifeless season. Since then, the only drawing points to this franchise have been couples humping in the hotel windows overlooking the outfield, a terrible “song” composed about their best player, and a ruthless sign-stealer named after one of the many captivating characters from Lost. Today, however, we start anew by returning to familiar ground.

The logo pictured at right is what the Blue Jays will sport starting next season. But as Paul Lukas mentioned in his article, logo leaks such as this one tend to enrage both the folks at MLB and the respective team because it affects sacred things like upcoming marketing campaigns. In this particular instance, how dumb can one be to believe that leaking this logo would be negative in any capacity? Stuff like this makes fans happy, and Blue Jays fans aren’t always so happy. Chances are, they’ll be just as elated when the official announcement of the new logo is made.

[via ESPN]

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