Even Soccer Referees Are Taking Dives Now!

This. Is. Awesome. Meet Rodrigo Nunes de Sá, the first soccer referee to take a dive in a soccer match. This is a historic event my friends. What say you Unprofessional Foul?

In a match between Operario PR and Mirassol, Nunes de Sá doled out a red card to Operario defender George. During the requisite verbal exchange of differing viewpoints on the expulsion, the referee fell to the ground as if he’d been headbutted by the ghost of Zidane himself.

The real question is – what does the ref get out of taking a dive? Is he trying to draw a call… from himself? I really don’t care. I am eagerly awaiting the first soccer fan to take a dive on camera.

Because you want to see it first!

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