Former High School Player Pulled Over For DWI In New Mexico Head Coach's Car

Joshua Butts, 19, was pulled over on the way to University Stadium in New Mexico last night. Butts blew a 0.16 and was charged with “aggravated DWI, minor in possession of alcohol, reckless driving and driving without a license.” Butts was driving a car that was registered to either New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley or his son, Meiko. Butts and Meiko were high school teammates in Illinois.

Andy Staples says that Butts was not a recruit. Butts is not listed on any college roster, but he did tell police, “Mr. Locksley brought him from Chicago to play and gave him the vehicle to use.” Whatever reason Butts was there, it doesn’t look good for Locksley right now.

As Dr. Saturday points out, Locksley is already on thin ice:

This is the third major off-field incident involving Locksley during his short time with the Lobos. During his first season, he was cited for sexual harassment by a former secretary and allegedly assaulted a former assistant coach. It doesn’t help that Locksley’s teams are 2-26 during his three seasons, including Saturday’s overtime loss to Sam Houston State.

[Dr. Saturday, ABQ Journal, Image via SBD]

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