College Football Week Four Top 25

Here is our Top 25, following week four’s games. We start now because preseason polls create an unfounded framework for the season. Rather than swing assessments wildly week-to-week based on little information, seeing teams perform three to four times against different levels of opposition provides a more sober basis for assessment. My goal was to rank teams based on how they’ve performed, rather than how they’ve performed compared to initial expectations.

1. LSU: The Tigers pass the eye test, and have the most impressive array of scalps.
2. Alabama: A defense built to bring the pain. An offense rounding into form.
3. Oklahoma: Find ways to win competently against decent opponents.
4. Boise State: Coordinators go. Kellen Moore dissects. Petersen wins.
5. Stanford: Character, cruelty and three efficient blow outs.
6. Wisconsin: Obliterated their crappy schedule with ease.
7. Oklahoma State: Comeback win in College Station could be huge.
8. Clemson: Chad Morris’ offense is rolling. Defense could still use some work.
9. South Florida: The Bulls are top 25 in total offense and total defense and, yes, beat Notre Dame.
10. Georgia Tech: North Carolina slowed down their offense significantly last week, to 496 total yards.
11. South Carolina: Incredible talent and often incredible ineptness deploying said talent.
12. Florida: Sprinter speed and impervious defense. Big test next week vs Alabama.
13. Oregon: The Ducks have averaged 60.3 points per game since first week loss to LSU.
14. Nebraska: Four wins, but defense seems less stalwart than expected.
15. Baylor: That Robert Griffin fellow is having kind of a good year.
16. Virginia Tech: VT have beaten every team they’ve played. Have yet to play anyone of note.
17. Michigan: The Wolverines don’t seem to do anything well, except score points and not allow them.
18. Illinois: Ron Zook nearly pulled a Ron Zook against Western Michigan.
19. West Virginia: Overmatched against LSU, but like Holgorsen’s style.
20. Arizona State: Should have won every game so far. USC win will be critical.
21. Texas: Great defense, finally found the real McCoy at quarterback.
22. Kansas State: Proved themselves with win against Miami, a legitimate opponent.
23. Arkansas: Not good enough to win in Tuscaloosa, but, really, who is?
24. Texas A&M: Tough loss to OSU. Rest of tough schedule will sound them out.
25. TCU Righted ship with three wins after tough loss to Baylor.

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