Deceased 95-Year-Old Man Finally Spared of Bengal Losses

Last week it was Minnesota native Josiah A. Abeler’s obituary that included a bizarre but humorous snippet regarding struggling Twins catcher, Joe Mauer. This week the struggle theme lives on, this time starring the Cincinnati Bengals.

Saul Shuller, who put studies in piano and electrical engineering aside to assist in running his family’s restaurant, recently passed away at the age of 95. Sure sounds like Saul had a great sense of humor:

Accepting that the end was near, the funny grandfather and great-grandfather said earlier in the day there was an upside to death: at least he wouldn’t have to watch another Bengals loss.

Awesome. It appears we’re inching closer and closer with each passing week to an obituary that will inevitably include “WHY THE HELL DID STEINBRENNAH TRADE JAY BUNAH!!”

Note: the Bengals line can be found in the 9th paragraph

[via Legacy.com via @DarrenRovell]

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