Ron Jaworski's Slurping of Tony Romo After The Cowboys Took the Lead on the Redskins Was Funny, Embarrassing

“What a memorable evening by Tony Romo!”


Was Ron Jaworski watching the same shit show everyone else was? Sure, it was a gritty performance from the flak jacket-wearing Romo, but memorable? Jaws sounded like he popped wood over Romo’s conversion of 3rd and 21 in the 4th quarter. I’m not entirely sure why the Redskins went with the 8-man blitz on the play – neither is DeAngelo Hall – but Romo pump-faked all eight of them and completed a pass to Dez Bryant. Here’s what Hall thought of the all-out blitz (again) on 3rd and forever:

“Sooner or later, somebody’s going to figure it out,” Hall said, disgusted. “You don’t have to be a … rocket scientist to figure it out after a while.”

Talking to a radio station, Hall let the expletives fly about that last drive, and specifically, the third down conversion. Obviously, Romo made a nice play to keep the drive alive. I’d also throw the ball in Dez Bryant’s direction in single coverage against anyone in the league.

Romo: 22-of-36, 255 yards, 7.1 YPA, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 1 game-winning drive. A solid but far-from-memorable performance. (I thought returning to the game against San Francisco last week to direct the game-tying drive and then throw the bomb in overtime was more impressive.) I’m not entirely sure what’s memorable about an 18-16 victory on the strength of six field goals. In the storied history of this great rivalry, this game couldn’t sniff the Top 10; it probably wouldn’t rank in the Top 10 games between Dallas and Washington in the last decade. Bad Rex Grossman showed up. Washington had a field goal blocked. Felix Jones rushed for 115 yards. It was ugly.

Buckle up, people: Get ready for all Romo, all the time for the next two days (at least) on ESPN. That network loves when stars on popular teams do something noteworthy, and a win in overtime followed by a win in the 4th quarter (on ESPN, no less) certainly qualifies.

Tony Romo, this is your life: His future as an NFL QB was seriously questioned after his turnovers in the season-opening loss to the Jets, he was the hero vs. San Francisco, and he was the hero vs. Washington. According to the media, there’s no in-between when it comes to Romo. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a talking head at ESPN compare Romo’s performance on MNF to Jordan vs. the Jazz in 1998.

[video via DC Sports Bog]

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