Fire Ants Force Postponement of High School Football Game

In South Carolina, a referee was inspecting the field prior to a high school football game and spotted “15-20” large piles of fire-ants. Because neither team wanted to postpone the game, they first tried to dig up the piles of fire ants. Massive failure, according to this report.

“That just made ’em mad,” Wilson said. “If you top off an ant hill, you just set off thousands of ants. That’s how it looked.”

Then officials tried salt (strike two) and then some guy in the stands claimed he had “fire-ant poison” that would do the trick (strike three). So the game was postponed. This was the reaction of one coach when it was announced the game would have to be postponed:

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a country fella, so I don’t know all about these things,” Wilson said. “I don’t like science too much, either, so I don’t know all about that. But I know there were a lot of ants on that field.”

Who doesn’t like science? Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t just urinate on the ants. Doesn’t that do the trick? Or is that a quick remedy to getting stung by a jellyfish? [The State]

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