Tom Brady Cut His Hair? Tom Brady Cut His Hair!

The days of ponytails, headbands, Bieberness and the priceless starved hipster look are officially gone, at least for now, as Tom Brady has bid farewell to his highly publicized flowing locks. Pictured at right is Brady holding court at the podium early today sporting the new look.

Sadly, all we’re left with now are an abundance of colorful memories in our minds, our hearts, and on the internet.

Here’s an emotional look back:

The obvious bonus to sporting the follicle glory witnessed above was that it allowed Brady to be somewhat of a fashion chameleon. Tommy could go from a wine connoisseur aboard a 900-foot yacht, to a rad skater, to the prettiest bro on the field, to an actual woman, all with a few simple hair adjustments. But now? Not.

[via @MikeReiss, @RapSheet]


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