Roundup: Best Sports Movies, Banned Books, Violent Hockey Players and Where In Charlotte Is Cam Newton?

Elisha Cuthbert… hydration – you’re doing it wrong…. ha10 weird Memphis landmarks… here comes the Kindle Fire… “Pippa butt lift” is a thing… David Beckham wears a shirt and tie on his motorcycle (when he’s going to visit the president)… Jason Alexander now has hairAlaskan police blotters are awesome – pick any item.. Utah is really weird about boozeAlyssa Milano’s babybaby pandas nappingworld’s best train rideshome scholers for Rick Perry… That’s why you don’t ignore signs about shark warnings

Local paper searches for proof of Cam Newton’s existence. Update: This link has disappeared. Perhaps an editor thought better of it. The gist of the article was that they wanted pictures of Newton out in public because he hadn’t been seen around town much, if at all. [Charlotte Observer]

The Great Gatsby (for Nintendo) is now available online. [urlesque]

The Marlins say goodbye to Sun Life Stadium. [Sun-Sentinel]

Don’t cry for the poor billionaire owners in the NBA lockout. [SLAM]

Bob Sanders heads to the IR. He’s played less than 50% of his career. [Business Insider]

Gherorghe Muresan loves to fish. [TBJ]

Brian Orakpo was just as annoyed by the Romo worship as the rest of us. [DC Sports Bog]

Hockey players are more violent when they wear black. [Larry Brown Sports]

The top 100 banned and challenged books of the last decade. [ALA]

The NBA season is still in jeopardy. [CBS Sports]

Jon Jones is now the UFC’s most polarizing champion. [MMA Fighting]

The 25 best sports movies of all-time. Warning: Slideshow. [TIME]

Some Jewish NFL players. [The Football Girl]

Wonder what Mariotti has been up to? [Fishbowl LA]

Important: ThunderLOLcats

Bad lip reading: Rick Perry edition.

Teach me how to Gundy? Tired meme, but Mike Gundy dancing? Worth it.”

RIP: Heidi The Cross-Eyed Possum

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