Reggie Bush Went Clubbing In Los Angeles To Celebrate Miami's 0-4 Start

Yesterday afternoon, the Dolphins lost to the Chargers in San Diego. The Dolphins are now 0-4 on the season. To celebrate being back on the West Coast, Bush went to Los Angeles to party. Via TMZ:

Bush was spotted at XIV in Hollywood around 10PM last night — gripping a Corona while go-go dancers in body paint danced their faces off and people wearing glowsticks … did whatever it is that people wearing glowsticks do.

To be fair to Reggie, he had his best game since the season opener with13 carries for 50 yards and 2 receptions. (Oh, and the Dolphins are now on their bye week.) Sure, Bush’s numbers have sucked this season, but he’s only due around $10 million over the next two years in Miami and we knew he was a bust years ago.

If this was Daniel Thomas (The Dolphins’ leading rusher this season) or Chad Henne out at XIV (That’s a place, I guess) then nobody would have known. Since Bush will continue to be famous and pull quality women, he’s always going to be a punching bag. This is also Mark Sanchez’s curse. Don’t date beautiful women unless you’re ready for people to point out how bad you are at football.

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