The Roundup: Andy Rooney's Last Regular 60 Minutes Dispatch, CJ Wilson in Bon Appetit & a QB Change for the Gamecocks?

Cheryl Cole … I’m definitely in love with my iphone … sure, i could see Stringer Bell in the role of James Bond … can’t see this officer keeping his job … “Pictures from undercover Hooters bust in Colorado Springs released” … TV producers for Anderson Cooper’s show asked a kid to record a skateboard stunt, and now the kid is in a comaShannon Tweed got married to Gene Simmons over the weekend … people in Florida can no longer have sex with animals … “Tsunami Fears Fuel Sale of Mini Noah’s Arks” … unpaid interns file a lawsuit … there’s Obama Fried Chicken in China … “Three women and six teenage girls were escorted from the theater” … a high school team has copied Boise State’s blue turf … for fans of Aziz Ansari … this guy has been arrested 65 times since 2001

Mike Wise with a solid job here revisiting the “Redskins” debate. Try to keep it civil, people. [Washington Post]

Kenny Perry lost his sister to cancer Saturday. Sunday, he won the SAS Championship in North Carolina. [Observer]

Sounds like Steve Spurrier is going to make a QB change for the Gamecocks. [Post & Courier]

Cool TV numbers: Today’s hits are tomorrow’s bombs. [NY Mag]

“Like most Dominicans, Fabián places the blame on MLB, which many people believe exploits dirt-poor teenagers and unfairly discriminates against older players.” [Herald]

Mike Wilbon is unhappy with the way Walter Payton is portrayed in Jeff Pearlman’s new book. [ESPN]

I think I heard someone say the Blue Jays were going to be a big deal in 2012, and now it sounds like the Orioles will arrive as contenders in 2014. [Sun]

Didn’t everyone know Devin Hester was the best return man of all-time like two years ago? [Sun-Times]

There was a 22-minute replay delay in a college football game over the weekend. [Wiz of Odds]

Phil Mushnick chimes in on the TBS postseason baseball coverage so far. [He’s Ornery]

CJ Wilson of the Rangers made it into the best food magazine on the planet. [Bon Appetit]

This is sad: Devaughn Darling’s family is still waiting for its settlement, 10 years after his death. [Sentinel]

Do these five women make you put down the remote? [Fang’s Bites]

The Big East is looking into expansion. Anyone care? [WP]

Big Andy Rooney fan here. What’s not to love about the surly curmudgeon? Here’s his last regular appearance on 60 minutes.

Quite possibly the best blocked PAT-return-for-a-TD in college football history. [via the Wiz of Odds]

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