Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: Andrew Luck Calls His Own Plays! Andrew Luck Makes 1-Handed Catches!

Stanford QB Andrew Luck will be the top pick in the 2012 draft. The only question is who will get him. The list of contenders is solidly at six (for now), although one has an asterisk. Hey, did you hear Andrew Luck was calling his own plays at the line this weekend, you  know, like Peyton Manning?

Miami Dolphins 0-4: Chad Henne went down with a shoulder injury. Matt Moore was competent, but he definitely won’t cut it the rest of the way. Rookie RB Daniel Thomas missed the Chargers’ loss due to injury. Coach Tony Sparano is a goner. It really is looking like my May prediction will hold true!!

Indianapolis Colts 0-4: Curtis Painter is the new QB, and he looked serviceable (well, better than Kerry Collins) moving the ball nine days ago against the Steelers. He let Pierre Garcon do all the work in Tampa, but the Colts still lost. At 0-4, I expect to see dings on star players turn into missed games.

*St. Louis Rams 0-4: The most interesting case because, well, they’re so heavily invested in Sam Bradford. More on this later in the week, but obviously the Rams would not take Andrew Luck (right?). I’d say there’s maybe a 1% chance they’d have any luck trading $am Bradford.

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3: Dreadful on both sides of the football and they’re an MJD injury away from becoming a serious contender. Imagine if the Jags won the Luck sweepstakes, then left for LA. That’d be an awesome start to a franchise relocation. And no, I don’t think Blaine Gabbert matters in this discussion.

Kansas City Chiefs: 1-3: I’d venture a guess that a small segment of Chiefs’ fans were upset at the 22-17 win. The Chiefs now “win” a tiebreaker with the Vikings should both teams end up tied at 3-13 or whatever. Has anyone asked Charles or Bowe if they’re staying up late on Saturdays watching Luck play?

Minnesota Vikings 0-4: As someone who took the over on wins for the Vikings (7), and who thought they’d be in the mix for a playoff spot … I still think they’re close to turning the corner. Clearly, the playoffs are not possible now, but Minnesota has lost four games by 19 points. They’re the best winless team in the league, whatever that’s worth. And no, I don’t think McNabb is the problem, and no, I don’t think Ponder is the solution (this year or in the future). The Vikings are hosting the Cardinals this weekend … and Minnesota is favored by three.

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