NHL Preseason Tidbits: Sean Avery Gets Cut, Ryan Malone Avoids Suspension

The New York Rangers have placed Sean Avery on waivers. Avery’s time with the Rangers has been colorful, if nothing else. The question is, where does Avery go now? He could play for the Rangers’ AHL affiliate, head overseas or – while unlikely – be claimed by another team in the NHL.

Avery has played in New York for the most part of his last 5 seasons, with a brief stay in Dallas. Before that he spent time in Detroit and Los Angeles, but I honestly can’t remember him as anything besides a Ranger. I’m pretty sure that’s how most of the people in the NHL feel too as it doesn’t look like anyone will step forward and claim the fashion-conscious Forward.

This is a video explanation from the NHL’s Brendan Shanahan on why Tampa Bay’s Ryan Malone eluded suspension after failing to elude Montreals’ Chris Campoli’s head on Saturday. [via Puck Daddy]

Finally, this is me asking the hockey fans on TBL for a favor. As you know, the season is just hours away. In an effort to give you guys the coverage you so desire, I’m putting together an NHL season preview and soliciting contributors from the audience. The Leafs and Blackhawks are already spoken for and I have a few of you in mind for some teams, but if there are any eager volunteers, send me an e-mail (alumnigonzo@gmail.com). What I’m looking for is about a paragraph – around 100 words – on each team. (Please do not write anything until I tell you you’re in.) Also, if there’s a team-specific blogger you think would be particularly good for any of the previews, please feel free to suggest him (or her). Myself, along with a couple trusted familiar avatars with fill in the rest of the capsules. Thank you.

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