Rachel Uchitel Married a Former Penn State Football Player She Met on Facebook

Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger’s girls, got hitched in Vegas recently. The guy she married is Matt Hahn, a former Penn State running back whom she met on Facebook. He’s 26. She’s 36. Hahn’s career numbers at Penn State can be found here. Ki-Jana Carter he was not. Here’s what she said in Hahn earlier this year:

Her intimate inner circle includes her new beau Matt, 10 years her junior, whom she met on Facebook. Meeting a man on the Internet felt safer, she says, than the creeps who approached her at bars: “Men would make reference to the fact that they were huge Tiger fans. They felt like being with me was a trophy thing. People knew I had a lot of money and would ask me to buy them a drink. The whole thing was gross.”

Matt, an insurance broker and former Penn State football player, was different. “He’s normal,” she says. “He’s not a famous person. I find him to be grounded and I’m totally going to marry him.”

For some reason, I thought this was infinitely more interesting Penn State news than Joe Paterno saying, “I don’t do much play calling anymore. I’m a cheerleader.”

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