Bud Selig Isn't Sure Why the Fox NFL Pregame Show Had a Higher Rating Than Any MLB Game Last Weekend

Christine Brennan of USA Today caught up with MLB commish Bud Selig to talk ratings. She hit him with this stat:

Fox’s NFL pregame show Sunday received a bigger overnight rating than any of TBS’ baseball playoff games through the weekend.

That’s staggering. As a guy who abhors all pregame shows (except Gameday on Saturday mornings, which is so good that if I miss it, I’ll record it), I can’t fathom it. More people would rather watch Terry and Strahan and Howie and the rest of that crew talk about football than watch an actual baseball game?

Brennan also came into the discussion armed with these figures: The Packers and Brewers went head-to-head Sunday, and the result was: “Packers attracted 44.1% of the households in Milwaukee, the Brewers just 20.3%.” I know, bad example – the Packers probably have the most passionate fan base in the NFL. Still … a regular season laugher vs. a postseason game?

So, uh, Bud … do you care?

“Can I explain that to you? No,” Selig said. “I’m not sure why that is. We’ve had four games a day, so we’re asking a lot of the fans. Remember, we’re on cable for this round. But I’ll say this: If I take all the evidence today — our attendance, what we’re doing on the Internet, our gross revenue — I’m very satisfied. Baseball is more popular than ever.”

How much longer can Selig continue to parrot this response before even he stops believing it? When will MLB seriously consider lopping off 60 games from the too-long regular season, starting the postseason in August, and not having to go head-to-head against the NFL? [USA Today]

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