Denard Robinson's Twitter Was Hacked, Likely By His (Ex) Girlfriend Who Called the Michigan QB a "Liar and Manipulator"

Denard Robinson, Michigan’s talented QB, hadn’t tweeted since September 20th. Then, this morning, a flurry of bizarre tweets from his account hit the web and his number of followers soared.

Robinson’s girlfriend (ex?) hacked his account (see below). She dropped many allegations about how the QB changed as a person and cheated on her. The female (unnamed) admitted to hacking Robinson’s account and LOL’d about it. Men everywhere (married guys, included) – your girlfriend/jump-off/wife/fiancee should not have any of your pivotal passwords (email, Facebook, twitter, etc). Kindly remedy this, now.

The tweets have been deleted (it looks like Robinson just deleted his account and started over), but they were up long enough for the world to see. For Robinson, it probably felt like getting pantsed in gym class, and struggling to pull up your boxers. Here’s a screen grab:

Because you want to see it first!

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