Alex Rodriguez Only Has Six More Years Left on His Contract

AFraud, AFail, ARoid, whatever you want to call this limey cocksucker, Alex Rodriguez finished the ALDS going 2-for-18 (.111). It should be noted that both hits came late in game four, with the result pretty much decided. No homers. No extra base hits. A-Rod’s last postseason home run? Back in 2009. I believe it’s been 61 at-bats.

How’d Rodriguez do in the 2010 postseason? 7-for-32 (.219). No homers, two extra base hits.

You have to go back two years – when the Yankees won the 2009 World Series – to pinpoint the last time A-Rod was a factor in the postseason: 19-for-52 (.365), 6 homers, 18 RBI.

But let’s harp on the negative, since he’s usually awful in October, when it matters:

2007 ALDS: 4-for-15 (.267)
2006 ALDS: 1-for-14 (.071)
2005 ALDS: 2-for-15 (.133)

Why focus on the negative? Because he’s got six more years left on his contract (look below for the really gory details). I’d call it an albatross, but those don’t really exist in baseball, since there’s no cap and no contract should technically prevent anyone from spending (but it does because owners are cheap, greedy businessmen). If the Yankees wanted, they could just overpay for more bats and arms (I’m sure they’ll piss away another $25 million when Orca Sabathia opts out this winter) and spend their way out. That’s probably what they’ll do.

2012 36 New York Yankees $29,000,000
2013 37 New York Yankees $28,000,000
2014 38 New York Yankees $25,000,000
2015 39 New York Yankees $21,000,000
2016 40 New York Yankees $20,000,000
2017 41 New York Yankees $20,000,000

Because you want to see it first!

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