Nyjer Morgan Drives In Series Winning Run, Celebrates With Televised F-Bombs

The Brewers have moved on to the NLCS. Nyjer Morgan is your hero – and your most memorable postgame interview. For those of you at work or unable to see the video, I’ll transcribe Morgan’s words below.


On a scale of Tyler Perry to Frank Caliendo, this is far from the most offensive thing TBS has ever put on the air.

Update: Morgan also got an f-bomb on the radio with this exchange via @ChadReuter:

T-Plush to Bob Uecker through headphones on radio post-game: “You hear me, bro? F**kin’ A!!” Uecker: “I hear ya, ‘bro'”

I hear you too, bro.

[vid via @cjzero]

Because you want to see it first!

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