Better Juggling Touchdown Catch: Dwayne Bowe or Victor Cruz?

Dwayne Bowe of Kansas City and Victor Cruz of the Giants had enormous days receiving – Bowe 7-128-2 TDs; Cruz 8-161-1 TD. Both made incredible juggling catches that almost certainly will be in contention for BEST NFL PLAY OF THE SEASON.

I’d say Cruz made the more difficult catch. He had to fight off two defenders just to get in position to make the catch. It doesn’t appear he initially tipped the ball, but rather it just popped up. Then Cruz had to find the ball in the air and collect it with one hand. Bowe was able to see the ball (the defender couldn’t) and tipped it to himself. Bowe still had to get around the defender and collect the ball, but he had his eye on the ball the entire time. It’s close, but I’ll lean Cruz.

Because you want to see it first!

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