Steve Spurrier Refused to Start His Weekly Press Conference Until Columnist Ron Morris Left the Room [Video]

Steve Spurrier caused a ripple in South Carolina earlier today when he refused to do his weekly press conference until State columnist Ron Morris left the room. Spurrier said this is only the 2nd time in 26 years as a coach he’s had to disassociate himself from a reporter (the other guy: Larry Guest; details can be found here). What got Spurrier so angry?

After South Carolina crushed Kentucky 54-3, Morris had kind of a sour take (and took a shot at Spurrier for passing while leading 40-3). Last week, Morris pinned the shocking loss to Auburn on Spurrier (he probably wasn’t the only one).

But Spurrier’s anger had nothing to do with those columns. Spurrier’s peeved about this story from six months ago about Bruce Ellington, poaching, and basketball. Why’d Spurrier wait so long to get angry? Not sure.

I don’t know Ron Morris, but I did find this somewhat funny.

Because you want to see it first!

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