UFC's Alan Belcher To Lock Himself In A Cage For A Humane Society

On Friday, UFC welterweight Alan Belcher is going to lock himself in a cage for six hours to help promote pet adoption at the South Mississippi Humane Society. Anyone that adopts a pet that day gets a picture and autograph and a special rate on their new pet. Good for him.

During my freshman year of college, my dog died after living a long and happy life. When I got home that summer, the house seemed empty so my mother and I went looking for a new dog. We finally found a dog that we could agree on at one of the humane societies in upstate New York. We decided on the cute little dog in the corner of a tiny cage named Katy. She was the only dog not barking her head off. She was quiet and timid.

Smash cut to 10 years later and she hasn’t stopped running around or barking since we got her home. Her feet point outward when she sits so she looks like a seal and she sheds everywhere. I freaking love that little weirdo.

In my opinion, saving animals isn’t just a noble pursuit, it’s an awesome thing to do because you can get so much out of it. You too could own

Related: Alan Belcher suffered a career-threatening eye injury last year and just had his first fight in over a year in September. Belcher smashed Jason MacDonald on his way to a submission victory. He’s a good fighter and he loves animals. Almost makes up for that Johnny Cash tattoo.

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