2011 ALDS: Justin Verlander to Save the Day?

In two postseason starts plus an enthralling inning of slop at Yankee Stadium, Justin Verlander has given up a total of 8 runs on 11 hits and walked 7 batters in 13 innings of work. So what in the hairy hell is wrong with Verlander? Well two of his starts have been foiled by rain, and when you consider the deep lineups he’s faced in New York and Texas, it would be unreasonable to expect lights out dominance. However, he is Justin Verlander, the same guy who went seven innings or more in 27 of 34 starts this season. It doesn’t get any more reliable than that. Tonight, the Tigers will need more of the same from him. Seven or eight dazzling innings ought to do the trick.

Unfortunately, Weather.com, a close and dear friend to Bird Selig and the MLB postseason, is telling us Detroit might be seeing some rain. Amazing. Somewhere along the line, Jusin Verlander must have gone into an Edward Norton-like rant about the rain, and now the rain has struck back with great vengeance and chosen each of his October starts as the time to pay the fiddler.

[Verlander photo via Getty]

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