The Big East's Football Future Rests in the Hands of ... Missouri?

College football realignment – mercifully – is nearly over. One school has a big decision to make: Missouri. Do the Tigers leave the Big 12 for the SEC, or stay in the crumbling league that Chuck Neinas is trying to save? It’ll be a decision that could significantly alter the college football landscape, mostly because if the Tigers go to the SEC, it’ll trigger a domino effect that could end up wiping out Big East Football.

If Missouri goes to the SEC, Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe thinks this may happen:

* The Big 12, with nine teams, will decide to add three teams to move to 12 teams (and go back to two divisions and a conference championship game)
* Two of those three teams might be from the Big East – Louisville &, West Virginia (the third could be desperate Connecticut)
* Since the SEC would have 14 teams, the ACC would then want to go to 14 16, and supposedly, Notre Dame would beat their top target (followed by UConn?)

If that scenario went down, the Big East would be left with three football teams – South Florida, Rutgers and Cincinnati. (Remember, TCU bolted before it even got there.) Not even the Armed Forces trio could save the Big East. If this ends up happening, would the BCS fall apart? Gosh, I hope so. [Globe]

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