The Roundup: Trojans Pound Bears, Another American Pie Movie & Stephen Garcia's Legacy at South Carolina

Margot Robbie from Pan-Am … Conan O’Brien kicked this man in the nads … this father-son mugshot combo is must-see … what the hell is wrong with people … I’m not sure about Johnny Depp as the Lone Ranger … fascinating story of Steve Jobs quietly moving to Memphis in 2009 to get a liver transplant …  if you pet a police narotics dog, make sure you don’t have buds on you … Vanderbilt set a record for flu vaccinations … Playboy goes 20 questions with Rashida Jones … the 32 wittiest comebacks of all-time … creepy dude talks about hacking into Scarlett Johansson’s email … here comes another American Pie movie …

USC 30, Cal 9. Could Jeff Tedford be in some trouble? They’re 3-3 and winless in the Pac-10, plus, they still have to visit Tempe and Palo Alto. [LA Times]

What is Denard Robinson’s day like? [WSJ]

John Madden talks about former Raiders owner Al Davis. [NYT]

Stephen Garcia’s legacy at South Carolina: “He will be remembered as the quarterback who keyed a professor’s car, who was charged with underage drinking, who got caught with women in his hotel room the night before the Chick-fil-A Bowl and who disrupted an SEC-mandated leadership event with alcohol on his breath.” [The State]

Seton Hall’s soccer goalie is 23 and just returned from a 12-month stint in Afghanistan. [Star Ledger]

If you’re into wagering – in Vegas or recreationally – here’s a good list of people to follow on twitter. [Beyond the Bets]

“San Francisco Restaurants Want To Make 25% Standard Tip Rate.” [CBS]

Luke Winn thinks these are the 16 best shooters in college basketball. [SI]

Santonio Holmes speaks the truth about the Jets’ offensive line woes. [Post]

“It is bad enough when the attacks come from fan sites, that murky gray area of our new world where people perform as journalists but are paid by teams or universities. Then the reporter who broke the news has an agenda or is a hater.” [Dana O’Neil at Penn State]

Maurice Clarett jumped out of a window robbing a house in 8th grade and was arrested. Why was he robbing the house? To impress neighborhood toughs. [Grantland]

Jared Crick, Nebraska’s star defensive tackle, is out for the season with a pectoral injury. I wonder if it’ll impact his NFL draft stock. [World-Herald]

“A football coach who was disciplined over his team’s recent bench-clearing brawl resigned last week after a photo of him wearing thong underwear surfaced on Twitter.” [USA Today Sports]

Kobe Bryant talks about Kwame Brown. Would love to hear Kobe and Jordan talk Kwame. [WP]

Five games in and we’re already saying Andy Dalton over Carson Palmer was the right move? Come on … [Enquirer]

Remember these girls from last week singing Super Bass? They went on the Ellen show and got to meet Nicki Minaj.

Watch this plane crash during an air show in China. Fortunately, the pilot ejects himself in time.

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