Bruce Hornsby's Kid Can Dunk With Alacrity

Here’s Keith Hornsby, son of the music great Bruce Hornsby, throwing down a few dunks at UNC Asheville’s Midnight Madness. This is probably the first of three Big South college basketball posts this season. The other might come Nov. 13th when the Bulldogs open the season against North Carolina. I’d assume a third one will come in February/early March. Unless another 7-foot-7 player turns up in the conference, then all bets are off. [via Rush the Court]

Best Bruce Hornsby song ever? It’s this one, no doubt.

On my ipod. For awhile in 2010, it was among my “25 most played” on my ipod. Had a good night drinking with friends at the beach and it got in the rotation for awhile.

Because you want to see it first!

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