Carson Palmer Traded to the Raiders For a First Round Pick in 2012 and a Conditional First Round Pick in 2013, Jay Glazer Reports

Jay Glazer just reported that the Raiders are close to dealing a first round pick and a conditional pick to the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for the rights to Carson Palmer. Chris Mortensen has added that the conditional pick in 2013 could also be a first rounder based on playing time and incentives. (Mort also said the fallback option for Oakland was acquiring Vince Young-just win baby!)

Yesterday, I talked about the hit to the Raiders’ playoff chances without Campbell, as well as the fact they had no picks in the 2nd through 4th round in which to make a deal. Cincinnati also had the upper hand, because of Mike Brown’s stubbornness, and the fact that any deal would affect their playoff chances (by improving Oakland’s). Cincinnati appears to have gotten quite a bit for those reasons.

I guess that the Raiders value a 25-30% increase in their chances of making the playoffs this season over holding on to a first round pick and making a selection. I think you can make a cost/benefit argument there. The question, though, is whether Carson Palmer, four years removed from a good season and sitting at home, actually improves the chances over Kyle Boller that much.

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