Chicago Sports Bar is Really Excited For the Texans-Cardinals World Series Showdown

Just because the White Sox and Cubs missed baseball’s postseason doesn’t mean that the city of Chicago is turning their backs on baseball. With the World Series starting tomorrow night, The Spot, a Chicago sports bar, is offering some great deals and impressive typos for sports fans who are looking for a place to watch Game 1 between the Texans and Cardinals. Let’s break down this incredible flyer that was sent via e-mail to some Chicago-area readers today.

Two exclamation points and a spelling that would make Nelly jealous.

The Texans.

3. “GAMETIME 7:00pm-ish”
Pretty close. People might have been confused if they had chosen to just put “GAMETIME: /shrugs” in that spot.

4. Only twenty bucks for all you can eat and drink
OK, that sounds awesome. I take back everything I said. I mean, “all you can drink draft!?” You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

I have never heard those words together, but they are spectacular. It sounds like Epic Meal Time is catering. This is like a chocolate fountain with assorted fruits – but classier.

Unlimited beer. A huge amount of food. The Texans and Cardinals playing for a trophy that whoever made this flyer obviously just found on AltaVista.com while trying to figure out what the “World Series” is. What more could the city of Chicago want or need for every game of the World Series?

[The Spot on Facebook, SpotChicago.com]

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