Kellen Moore's Bachelor Party: Bobsledding and Zipline

Kellen Moore's Bachelor Party: Bobsledding and Zipline


Kellen Moore's Bachelor Party: Bobsledding and Zipline

Kellen Moore got married this summer to Julie Wilson, who he’s been dating since high school. It’s nearly impossible to find photos of Mrs. Wilson, but fortunately someone got a screen grab when ABC cameras caught her at the Boise State-Georgia game earlier this season. At any rate, Austin Murphy wrote about Kellen Moore in this week’s SI, and included some pretty cool details about the Boise QB’s bachelor party:

In July he married Julie Wilson, a former Prosser High three-sport athlete and valedictorian. The two had been dating since she was a senior and Moore was a sophomore at Prosser. The wedding was at the St. Regis in Park City, Utah. Moore’s bachelor party consisted of four hours taking bobsled, skeleton and zip-line rides. The boys all came back with raccoon eyes, recalls Kris Moore, Kellen and Kirby’s mother.

Zip-lines are awesome (did it in Hawaii, was very memorable), but I’ve never hit a bobsled or skeleton. But I’d like to.

Moore is also working on his master’s in kinesiology. And this fall he’s immersed in an independent study project with left tackle Nate Potter. They’re steeping themselves in the subject of “what highly successful people do to become successful,” says Moore.

Among the books he’s read on this topic: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. Moore’s preliminary conclusion: “There’s no magic. A lot of times there’s this misconception that people are just given this talent, that they never had to work hard to get where they are.” Their common denominator, he says, is the willingness to submit to “that grueling, grinding, not-fun task, and to do it over and over. That’s what successful people do.”

He cites the 10,000-Hour Rule from Outliers, which holds that greatness requires the investment of massive amounts of time. Moore, it turns out, has been investing since at least the second grade. For show-and-tell, recalls Kris, he would draw a play on the whiteboard: “He’d tell the class, ‘This is what the [Prosser] Mustangs are going to be running this week.'”

I want to be friends with Kellen Moore. And if he’s around in the 4th/5th round in the 2012 draft, I’d love if the Jets took a chance on him (he could battle Greg McElroy for the No. 2 job). I know Moore’s a West Coast offense guy, but I’d love it if the Jets scrapped their terrible offense and went that route. Plus, they’ll need a 3rd QB with Mark Brunell retiring.

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