Roundup: The 76ers Have Been Sold, Jordan Jefferson Got the Rest of His Shoes Back & a College QB Said, "This is what I'm getting paid for"

Emmanuelle Chriqui … sick and twisted individuals … what causes videos to go viral? … did this guy really tell a newspaper he wished his area would ‘get rid of the Hispanics?’ … yeah, that’s really something to brag aboutwild dogs might be roaming the streets of St. Louis … someone defecated in a Boca Raton pool … “Actress sues Amazon for revealing age on film database” … Shia LaBeouf got in a street fight in Vancouver … Gregg Easterbrook, your response? …

It was a late night, and I’m not sure I’ll have a Jets’ post in me. For now, read Mike Freeman on Jets 24, Dolphins 6. [CBS Sports]

Keith Price, the emerging Washington star QB slipped and said, “this is what I’m getting paid for.” Ha! [Q 13 Fox]

Shane Victorino is upset with Crossing Broad, a Philadelphia blogger. [CSN Philly]

So, it’s Christian Ponder time in Minnesota, right? [Star Trib]

The Seven Worst Sentences from Chuck Palahniuk’s new book. [GQ]

I’d say these guys qualify as “breakout stars” from the MLB postseason – other than Cruz and Murphy, I’d never heard of the other gentlemen. [SI]

In case you’ve been wondering what Georgia Tech legend Kenny Anderson has been up to. [NYT]

Promising! Jonathan Klinsmann – Jurgen’s son – was called into the US Under-15 soccer camp. [Soccer by Ives]

SEC-related headline of the week: LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson gets remainder of his shoes back. [NOLA]

Former hockey great (?) Eric Lindros talks to a blog. [The Hockey Writers]

The 76ers have been sold. In the midst of a lockout, I’d say these guys probably got a good price. [ABC News]

Speaking of the lockout, here’s the latest. Well, nothing really has changed, but I figured I’d throw the league a bone, right? [Chronicle]

“Groupon’s filing shows that when the company privately raised $950 million in a pre-I.P.O. round in January, it paid out $810 million of that to its investors and employees.” [Dealbook]

Gotta be the best alley-oop pass thrown this summer, right? [via Hot Clicks]

This video will leave you speechless. [via Washington Post, Miggy]

Imagine there’s no pizza? Not possible. What would I eat every weekend while watching football?

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