This Is Kris Humphries' New Life (With Divorce Rumors!)

This summer, Kris Humphries married sex-tape starlet reality television darling, Kim Kardashian. Since then, his life has been a whirlwind of faux-candid photoshoots and public appearances at various shoe store openings. In addition to that glamourous lifestyle, he also gets to hang out with Kim’s awful family members. Anyone that has seen two seconds of any of the half-dozen Kardashian-centric reality television programs know just how unbearable this must be.

So here’s Kris Humphries walking around New York with the father of his wife’s sister’s child, Scott Disick. Just look at him? Is he a troll? A cartoon dog? I can’t decide.  These ridiculous images surfaced just days before the New York Post reported rumors of a Hump-dashian split “swirling.”

“Kris takes other girls’ cell phone numbers all the time,” a source said. “To be honest, I don’t think Kris truly loves Kim. And I don’t think he ever really did.”

Don’t you just want to slap whoever gives this kind of stupid statement to the press? Everyone involved is entirely despicable.

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