A Q&A with Spencer Hawes That Was Conducted on Twitter

Spencer Hawes is a 7-footer with the Philadelphia 76ers who is one of those rare athletes who is smart and engaging on twitter. So I figured an interview could be fun. I’ve screen-grabbed his answers below. If you’ve got problems lining up the questions and his answers, well, I can’t help you.

Q: Had you saved $ leading up to the lockout? consider taking a side job in the interim? know any teammates/friends struggling?

Q: So how/where are you spending your lockout? Any cool trips? How much ball are you playing, and against whom?

Q: Washington Huskies at unbeaten Stanford Saturday. Need your score prediction. Better pro prospect, Price or Polk?

Q: Obviously you heard Bryant Gumbel refer to David Stern as a plantation owner. Your first reaction upon hearing that?

Q: Twitter/Facebook have made it easy for athletes to hook up with female fans. Some have boasted about it. Ever go that route?

Q: Will Smith is a new part-owner of the 76ers. Your favorite episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air & Favorite Will Smith movie

Q: You went to the same high school as Amanda Knox around the same time. You guys friends in high school?

Q: We’re pushing 45 mins, so we’ll close on this: rank quality of life (food, nightlife, etc) in Seattle/Sacramento/Philly

Q: You’re a Big-time Republican & I know you’re watching the debates.Who do you think will win the Rep nom & who gets your vote

Q: 1) Best player you’ve ever been on a basketball court with & 2) The most talented player you’ve ever PLAYED with

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Because you want to see it first.

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