The Mountain West's 16-team Playoff Plan to Replace the BCS Might Have Some Legs

The Mountain West's 16-team Playoff Plan to Replace the BCS Might Have Some Legs


The Mountain West's 16-team Playoff Plan to Replace the BCS Might Have Some Legs

The current BCS contract expires in 2014, and many alternatives are being considered. You’ll hear plenty about a “plus one” (not gonna cut it, and good luck getting the Rose Bowl to go for it – see below), some really horrific plan “back to the old system,” and yes, playoffs (4 or 8 or 16!). Craig Thompson of the Mountain West is pitching a 16-team plan that should at least catch the eye of those old, stodgy, university decision-makers: It would more than triple the revenue of current BCS.

The Mountain West plan would make it easier for champions of all 11 Football Bowl Subdivison conferences to qualify for the post-season as long as a team is ranked among the top 30 in the country. The rest of the tournament would be filled with at-large selections, and a committee would determine the seeding. Teams not making the tournament could play in minor bowl games.

Where do I sign up? More money for everyone, and the fans get what they want! Can’t wait for this to happen. And before you ask annoying questions like, “when does this happen?” well, that one’s easy – take out that silly 12th game that greedy schools added a couple years ago, and hold the playoffs on Saturdays in December. Play the “other” bowl games during the week, like they already do. Can you imagine a December with football games on TV every other night?

And let’s quickly dispel the biggest myth created by anti-playoff backers: The regular season would be diminished with a playoff. That’s false. Ask Texas President DeLoss Dodds.

“If we had an eight-team playoff,” says Dodds, “it would capture America.”

That’s what he told SI back in 2007. Dodds went on to blame the blasted Rose Bowl for blocking a playoff. Who else wanted a playoff in 2007? Florida President Bernie Machen. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing college football to college basketball. Completely different sports/seasons. College basketball plays nearly three times as many regular season games as college football. Compare college football to the NFL.

Also, SI’s Stewart Mandel has unveiled his own plus-one plan.

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