Montreal's Peter Budaj Has Ned Flanders On His Helmet This Year

Peter Budaj won 15 games with a .895 save percentage for the Colorado Avalanche last season. This season Budaj is backing up phenom Carey Price with the Montreal Canadiens. Being a true Canadiens’ goalkeeper means you have some big skates to fill – and it starts with the helmet. From In Goal Magazine:

For his new mask Budaj ”wanted the Three Storms, the three Asian super wizards with the mega hats from the super movie Big Trouble in Little China… He also wanted Asian mysticism all over the mask, mixed with an old school Habs design.”

That all sounds like nonsense to me because I’m not familiar with the three storms thing, but The Simpsons? I know The Simpsons. On Budaj’s mask, Ned Flanders plays one of the three storms. I’m not sure where Flanders comes into all this, but it may have something to do with the fact that Budaj catches lefty.

[In Goal Magazine]

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