Darrelle Revis Hung Up On Mike Francesa

Did the ref throw a flag? No? Well then it obviously wasn’t a penalty. If you watch (mostly listen) to the above clip, you’ll hear that and other dumb statements from an agitated Darrelle Revis before he hangs up on WFAN’s Mike Francesa. You’ll notice that someone from the Jets’ PR team got on the call and told Revis to hang up. All Francesa wanted Revis to do is admit that he maybe got away with a penalty on his 100-yard interception return last week, but Revis wants no part of it. Revis – the greatest cornerback to every put on pads – can’t admit what everyone with a set of eyeballs and a basic understanding of the rules of football knows. And thus, we get another exhibit in the 2011 Wing of the New York Jets Museum of Douchebaggery.

Let this be a lesson to all recievers matched up with Darrelle Revis – push him, hold him, chuck him – do whatever it takes. If the ref doesn’t throw a flag, it wasn’t a penalty and Darrelle Revis won’t say a word.

[Vid via @JimmyTraina, Cork Gaines]

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