Douglas Murray Isn't A Great Fighter, But In College He Did Invent A Three-Spout Keg Tap

Last night, New Jersey’s Eric Boulton finished San Jose’s Douglas Murray with one good shot. A nice one-punch KO is good enough reason for a blog post, but when I was reading up on the combatants, I learned that Douglas Murray and some college friends invented a hands-free, three-spout keg tap when they were attending Cornell.

The Uber Tap combines three faucets to pour beer with a foot pump to keep the keg pressurized. From the Uber Dispensing website:

Multiple faucets create a rapid, easy, transition for partygoers – 5x quicker than the common keg tap. This translates into pouring at least 11 ¼ 12 oz. beers per minute, where a traditional picnic pump posts numbers from 4 ½ beers with a “designated pumper” (one person pumping the keg while another person fills his/her cup) to only 2 ¼ beers when separate individuals pump the keg and fill their own cups.

Even though Douglas Murray is Swedish, I submit that he is, in fact, an American hero.

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